NEWS: Pro-Ject announces new Debut Carbon EVO turntable


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If I was in the market for a new TT I would be very interested, I love the fact it has a switch to change the speeds, something the DC should have had since it also has the same speed control circuitry. I currently have a Debut SE3 with a speedbox and OM20 fitted so this would be a sideways upgrade, but if I had £500 to spend on a new deck this new machine would be high on my list.

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I am planning on getting back into vinyl, and I need a turntable. I had decided to get the Project Debut Carbon Esprit SB, because I like the Acrylic platter.

Now Project have completely ruined my plans with this new EVO turntable. It doesn't have an Acrylic platter out of the box, but I would upgrade. This will bump up my outlay somewhat, but I don't plan on upgrading further after purchase (maybe the Ortofon 2M Blue stylus when I need a replacement).

Looks like a winner to me :)


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Hi all, my first post. Was actually just about to buy a Planar 2 when I saw the Evo announcement, seems a better table, am upgrading from a 10 Yr old At lp 120, have it on pre order in Dublin.


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Carbon Evo arrived earlier, listening to it for last 3 hours, gorgeous sounding, have it going through (and grounded in) a Project Phono MM into a Onkyo 9010 UK powering Q Acoustics 3020i speakers, v quiet operation of deck itself and virtually no background noise at all on vinyl. Loving it!


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