NEWS: Rotel announces Michi X3 and X5 integrated amplifiers


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Michi is Rotel's HiEnd no compromise kit so price is not a suprise. This stuff is up there competing with Luxman and Krell, from the previouse generation of kit Ive listened too, they do a pretty good job of it.


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I’d love to demo one of these with some B&W 805D3s, should be a match made in heaven. Price is a bit out of my league really but I can dream! Maybe they will introduce an X1 with “only” 100wpc, drop the inbuilt DAC and hit an affordable price?

Joe Fernand

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Why no eARC Input? The licensing cost would have been relatively low for a brand such as Rotel vs. the customer base who want high quality music alongside a high quality stereo TV system.


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