NEWS: Rotel to re-launch Michi components in UK


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Mighty fine looking machinery there.

I assume they’ll all be quite exceptional too.

I particularly covet the pre-amp.


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I've been well pleased with the sound of my 'plain vanilla' Rotel RC 1590 and RB 1582 MkII, so I expect these Michi units will be quite impressive. Looks like a power-assisted wallet is a definite requirement though.

Note: Just had a look at the owners manual for the pre-amp on the Rotel site. Tone controls are fitted, so a tick in the box from me for that inclusion - wouldn't have an amp without them .
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1080 watt at 8 ohms or 1800 watt to 4 ohms with less than 0.018% THD on the mono block. Speaker frying figures :eek:


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Proud owner of the P5 and S5 it’s exceptional in every regard 👍🏻

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