NEWS: Sony Crystal LED now available for home installation


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Am I right in thinking that, for instance at 4K resolution, to create a 220-inch diagonal, 72 modules are necessary, with each module costing $10,000?


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Ooh, I was so close to ordering the 4K version at $720,000, but then I realised I'd also need to move to a bigger house and the additional stamp duty put me off.


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Thing is if you have a house big enough for the 220" 4k version then $720k is probably not a problem either ;)

It would have to be HUGELY better than a projector for that sort of money though....



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Bit out of my price range, but at least it made me look up the word "doyen".



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Postie just dropped the you were away card. Will pick up from the local delivery office tomorrow, setup and post some first impressions. :)


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Handy size , just have to remove the Windows and we are good to go.. on 2nd thoughts it's a bit small...


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This is cold shower for all who was waiting with OLED because of micro led 😁😁😁😁
Similar picture quality but enormus price diference.....


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No,i m just realistic.
Timeframe from Samsung about micro led panels 1-9 years now seams more like 9.
Panel tehnology is diferent but picture quality is wery similar,i was watching The Wall from Samsung and that LG micro led koncept at IFA Berlin last year if i remember corectly.
And that why i wrote my first post about this topic....

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