NEWS: Teufel announces Power HiFi modular sound system


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Interesting how the info make a virtue (positive) of the following -

"The midrange cabinet houses a 200mm driver constructed from pressed steel and iron magnets and is designed to deliver natural midrange frequencies."

Where in the speaker driver world cast baskets, not pressed steel, are preferred and iron magnets are seen as less attractive than alnico or neodymium. Interesting piece of marketing spin to make them sound more tech than they are. Also no mention of the cone material which has the largest impact on the sound.

Interesting concept nonetheless but they could have made them a lot more interesting and elegant to look at rather than the Marshall stack look which I think has limited appeal in the domestic hifi market.


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Our 5.1.2 system at Home is Teufel, & was great value for money & it fits our room size perfectly. Teufel have always had a few "Old School look" products in their line, & this certainly takes me back to the three way P.A. stack days (But in miniature!) :)
Haven't seen an acoustic lens horn for a long time - I fondly remember the JBL ones which were great as part of the P.A. for short throw or part of a sidefill stack, for dispersing the high end evenly at short distances!


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Must admit i really like the look of these. Not ideal for a lounge listening to classical by the fire place but would be awesome for a large kids room :D


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Never mind the quality look how big it is:rolleyes:


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These look amazing! In a dedicated room they would be awesome.
wonder if the wife would notice a pair on either side of the bed :D

Joe Fernand

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Seems overly complex - the Companion ought to have a true 'slave' Amp module and cut out the unnecessary cost/complexity of having to ensure the user disables a lot of the electronics in the Companion control module.


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