NEWS: Toshiba launches UL20 4K HDR TVs from £299

1080 jawbreaker

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how much profit margin is there for Toshiba in these. How much does it actually cost to make a watchable 65" screen?

Sloppy Bob

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Now it's just another Vestel cheap TV clone with a Toshiba badge.

Most likely it's going to have no or limited local dimming and not be bright enough to display HDR properly.

Siamese Cat

Two friends of mine both have recently bought 32" Toshiba tvs for a second room.
I thought the quality was remarkably good, but at the price of £199, which was all they cost, it was astonishing value. If these new ones are as good then they are a steal.


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Everything in the news item seems positive about the sets except the suggestion that it might be ok as a second set. Not exactly a ringing endorsement

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