NEWS: Tron 3 lands star and director for Disney


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So excited about this. Tron was yet another one of those early 80s sci-fi films that were huge for me as a lad, and aside from over reaching on the Jeff Bridges / CLU CGI I thought Tron Legacy was a visually stunning and superb sequel that became truly epic thanks to the peerless score from Daft Punk. Absolutely criminal that the score didn’t even get an Oscar nomination, let alone a win!

I do hope this follows on from the story rather than completely rebooting it, but I’m not sure that will be the case. In any event, I look forward to the film albeit not, possibly, Disney’s audio presentation of the home release (whatever format it appears on)...

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I think Legacy is an audiovisual masterpiece, the epitome of effective style over substance, Kosinski's visuals and D'Punk's score making for the perfect marriage of components that overcome wobbly acting and terrible CG characters (although double Bridges is most welcome, convincing in both the Obi and Vader roles). The idea of bridging The Grid and the Real World by bringing characters back through was the logical progression, and I wanted to see what was next for Tron himself, as well as Cillian Murphy's underdeveloped real-world villain (hoping too that there would still be room for the progenitor in all of this, despite the outcome of Legacy).

None of this news, however, inspires me. Replacing Kosinski is a mistake, but a newbie (at least to blockbuster budgets) director could always have a mandate to follow Kosinski's style, which could have mixed bag results but has half a chance of success, particularly if Punk are back in the music seat (I thought they were?).

However Leto is single-handedly all the nails in the coffin at once. A self-proclaimed method actor, after his abysmal turn as gangsta' Joker, I can only hope that he goes full method and tries to insert himself into The Grid, and gets suitably de-rezzed for his troubles.

And if all this weren't the worst news in the world, coupling this news with the earlier announcement about Disney's abolition of physical media for catalogue titles, and what could have been the silver lining - a Tron 3 spurring Disney to release Tron 2 in 4K, which would have been stunning on the format - turns into salt in the already infected wound: no matter how good Tron 3 does, we won't get Tron Legacy in 4K.

Does anybody at Disney still have a brain, or are they just scrambling to avoid the iceberg they already hit back in March?


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Tron Legacy was so underrated, especially in light of the sheer quantity of dross Hollywood churns out.

As has already been said by others, Kosinski’s architectural style has yet to be beaten IMO and Daft Punk were at the top of their game in a perfect marriage of electronic and orchestral.

For me, the only real negative was a miscast lead. All the supporting actors: Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde and Michael Sheen were spot on: all characterful and engaging with real screen presence. I would have welcomed Legacy’s director back on board though, especially when you consider how well it holds up 10 years later, maybe with the exception of the CGI younger Bridges / Clue.

So the fact that a miscast lead still managed to produce one of my favourite films that I watch over and over, bodes well for the next project. Although I’ve not seen any of Leto’s stuff to form an opinion.

For those who haven’t dipped their toe in, Tron Uprising’s 19 episodes currently on Disney Plus are excellent and take the visual style of Legacy crossed with a slightly psychedelic Spiderman Multiverse look. But the character-driven storylines are really well done. If you like Legacy, I think you’d enjoy Uprising.

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^^ This. Uprising is tremendous, possibly one of the best hidden gems on Disney +


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Yes I agree, Uprising looked great, was really well cast and had an interesting narrative throughout the series. I’ve always hoped they will revive it, possibly now with Disney+ It may happen as it ended of something of a cliffhanger. Another series I would have loved on Blu-ray but that will never happen.


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PS I still chuck on the light cycle sequence in Tron Legacy on Blu-ray on occasion - an absolutely flawless mix of style, impeccable action and an absolutely thunderous score. Plus the expanded ratio. AV bliss!

PS you’ve depressed me now @Casimir Harlow that we won’t see a 4K disc release of Tron Legacy. That is a really sad thought.


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I am excited to hear that Tron 3 has a strong chance of being released, but I think that it's success will depend on how questions regarding the stories of Tron will be address. As a YouTuber who favorites crossovers, I hope the creators of Tron will consider the possibility of using an "easter egg" to tease a possible "crossover" between Tron and something else. I plan to make a YouTube video on my channel Sean's G-Crossovers to discuss why Tron should have a crossover with something else before September 2020.


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i would like them to carry on with the story from Legacy - i thought it was very interesting how the girl went from digital to physical ...


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Never has a film like Legacy been so perfect for a 4K/HDR/Atmos remastering.
Gutted that this will just sit overlooked at the House of Mouse.


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Totally agree .. the combination of Tron visuals, imax & 4k HDR would look spectacular .... very very sad if we will never get to see that :thumbsdow

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