Question OEM Battery for Platinum Edition Headset


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Greetings fellow gamers,

I am in desperate need of either the company that supply the OEM battery for the PlayStation Platinum Edition Headset or somewhere i can buy it from,
I am on the forums because i have tried eBay, and all battery shops listed on google,
I have also tried to use a 2000mAh battery intended for a PS4 Dualshock 4 controller but all 5 i tried were not 2000mAh instead they were more likely to be 500mAh or less (yes i was mugged off by 3 different suppliers)

I would ask that all responses are from people that know what the inside of the platinum headset looks like and understands how to change one or better yet has successfully changed/upgraded their own and can offer advice on where to purchase a legitimate replacement

Thank you all for reading and hope to hear from you soon


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Sorry, I can’t help but am wonder why you just don’t bin them and buy a decent pair. They’re the flimsiest, most uncomfortable POS I’ve ever had the misfortune to place upon my head. Surely it would be far less hassle to just buy the golds seeing as they’re far more comfortable, sound about the same and are half the price of these things?
if you get on with them fine, but I’ll sell you mine if you want, I can’t stand em. Only bought em in feb. Still got the box etc.


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Coz is I disagree, the (original) Gold 2.0 wireless headsets are AMAZING but are more flimsy than these, these are robust and comfortable,
I have solved my issue, I am cheap and don't wanna spend more than I have to, plus I am not lazy, I have the skills to repair and the motivation to do the it,

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