Old AV Amp and new Samsung TV


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Hi there

I have this set up
Samsung Ulta HD TV

I have a Sony STRDH820 AV amp and 6 ceiling speakers connected to it.

My TV is connected to it via HDMI but it is tracked through the ceiling across the room to a cupboard - 15 metres long and not powered in the middle.

My sky Q box, is connected via the 15 metre hdmi cable - new HDMI cable bought last week

i had to put a new cable in as the old 1.4 HDMI cable wouldn’t send the Sky Q signal to the tv.

but when I try to put the HDMI cable into the AV amp no signal is sent.

i am wondering if the old Sony AV amp is not able to cope with the new HDMI cable and as such should I be looking at a new AV amp as I want my ceiling speakers to work again.

I would love to have an AV amp which allows Spotify and Amazon music to be sent to it via AirPlay also so I can listen to music at various times through


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Have you tried connecting the sky q box directly to the tv ? This will tell you if there is an issue with the cable (15m is very long to guarantee to work) or wether the issue is the age of your receiver. :)


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Currently the Sky Q works directly via the hdmi to the tv so that is fine.

the problem is when I try to put the hdmi into the amp


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15M is pushing it. I think you might need an active cable - or a fibre optic.

The amplifier will only handle signals upto 1080p, so you will not be able to get 4K even in pass through.

You could try putting the Sky box next to the TV and running the cable as simply the ARC channel back to the amplifier (Just select TV on the amp) or if you cannot mount the box there, run a second cable the whole length and use it as ARC.


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Are you saying that in relation to the AV amp not being able to cope with the signal.

what I’m trying to find out is if a new av amp will allow the pass through for normal play and work when switched on to send the sound to the ceiling speakers


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The AVR will not work with a 4K signal, only 1080p. If you are trying to send a signal above this resolution, it will not work. Can you see the on screen menu from the AVR on the TV? This will prove if it is working OK on the cable.

A new AVR might work, but it's impossible to tell until you try it.

My suggestion is that you plug the Sky box directly into the TV and then use the ARC (Audio Return Channel) from the TV back to the amp, as that will be carrying audio only. ARC needs a 2nd HDMI cable between the TV and AVR. Anything you display on the TV should have the audio sent back down it to the AVR.

You will need to have the Anynet CEC switched on in both the TV and AVR for ARC to work.

An alternative would be to use the optical output on the TV back to the AVR One of these cables: Pxyelec 15M Black Digital Fiber Optical Audio SPDIF: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics should do the job.
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