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Well folks I am looking at the new Optoma UHZ65LV is rated at 5000 Lumens and with 30K eco operating hrs on medium settings it says it is laser but I know it uses a 4 slice wheel that spins to make up the full colour spectrum, how long will that puppy last before failure just hope it does nto fail when the projector is out of warranty what it troubling me is the fact is this a true laser projector as there seems to be a bulb that needs to heat up and cool down so what is going on with that as in the manual it says (LAMP INFO, Laser).

The other projector I was looking at was the Epson EH-TW9400 retails at £2548. Difference in price is £958 cheaper for the Epson as the Optoma is 3.5K.

My question: Is there going to be a big enough difference between the Optima and the Epson to warrant spending that extra 1K on the new Optoma.

There are more points to consider along with the extra bright Lumens of the Optoma, to maybe watch in a brighter lit environment at the moment because we have a split level room which looks down to the main living room during the summer months we cannot watch movies as the ambient light just washes out the picture as this is not a totally darkened room though I have now and only last week invested in an ALR 133’’ diagonal screen so that should improve the situation as before that screen I had a Vutec 88’’ diagonal screen.

I would like to ask you the community who maybe know a hell of a lot more than me what would you all do if you were me looking to spend what I call a sizeable chunk of hard-earned cash on a new projector.

Suppose the Epson would do a good job as the Optoma is new technology and for that I am paying a premium. Though the Epsoin needs a bulb change every so often 5k hrs and dims over time whereas the OIptoma will never diminish in brightness over its lifetime until it just says good night folks I’m dead that would be after 20K hrs on full settings doubt you could watch a picture at full brightness in a darkened room though in 3D perspective I believe this projector hits the spot.

Anyway, you all get the picture, pardon the punn none intended as to what I am on about. So come on give me your thoughts on the above as I am torn between the Optoma and the Epson seemingly lamp based projectors are on the way out the door and will all be replaced with these newer laser projectors. My better self says spend the extra for the Optoma but will it be as flexible the Epson has motorised zoom with 96% vertical and 46% horizontal shift, whereas the Optoma only has 15% vertical all manual in operation though that is nto a deal breaker as my last projector was all manual lens operation once set you never touch it again.

Anyway will be interesting to read your replies.


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The exact same scenario that I’ve been having. All the points stated are what has lead me to order the Optoma.

Unless you can have a fully light controlled room where I believe the Epson would just eclipse the Optoma in the blacks department,its a highly rated projector for sure but I think the Optoma will give you a projector for all occasions. Where you may want some light spilling into the room, especially if you have children or grandchildren. Then If you wish to have the full on cinema experience with lights out you can.
Using a decent ceiling mount such as a peerless , the Optoma will be no problem to set up. So the fact the Epson has a few more motorised set up options won’t matter once the Optoma is in place.

The laser is another plus. Having owned a few Sony’s it’s not about the bulb actually needing changing at 5k hours , mine actually dimmed way before then , while blacks were great whites needed absolute dark room and they dimmed too.

For me the new tech does it giving an all round all situation projector. Plus the new white casing on the Optoma is what I’m after on my white ceiling.
I did consider the JVC laser NX , similar price to the Optoma, but in the U.K. not so easy to source and Warranty only 12 months. Reviews were good , but I think the Optoma just pips it in reviews.
Do,have a look at the JVC reviews for yourself as it’s pretty close to the Optoma in specs.

Hope my thought process helped with your decision.


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Hi - a newbie here! I received my Optoma UHZ65LV a few days ago (l(HDess than 10 hours on the clock) and I'm blown away (understandably a big step up from the "quite good" entry-level BenQ W1700 4K projector). I am still tinkering with settings but have to say the out of the box (HDR & Cinema) settings look quite good to me (125" screen sat 5 metres away). There doesn't seem to be too many reviews online but it is still quite new and lockdown/production issues were affected. I may get it calibrated in a month or two after it is run in, in various modes. I have some ambient light in my living room but can also make the room very dark in the evenings (wooden shutters). Pictures attached taken with some ambient light (YouTube 4k pics through Amazon Firestick 4k - taken with Samsung Galaxy Note 10+). The projector is ultra bright but the ability to dial down settings in increments to 50% is a real bonus or go brighter when needed (I'm mostly running at 55 -65% brightness). Very early days but I can recommend the Optoma but have little knowledge on the JVC or Epsons.



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Great to hear you have one.
I too received mine this week, again blown away by quality of the images when fed a good 4k source. I’m on a 110 inch screen at 4 meters away.
Have tried with the amazon fire stick 4k and Apple TV 4K, Superb ! Want to try a 4k disc through my Xbox one x HDMI 2 sky Q box in HDMI 1.
I’m sure the great out of the box picture can be improved even further with fiddling of the settings. The ability to dial down or up laser power to suit the room lighting is a real plus.
Any settings tips please share.
Now the bad bit ! to be fare I think I’ve just been unlucky.
As I said I’ve only had delivered this week and had a great first day with it. When switching on the second day it put up the select language screen followed by the projection orientation screen. Just like the day I got it? ( it’s left plugged in after shutting down, so has not been disconnected from power)
Then every time I tried to switch between HDMI 1 and 2 it asked for language again. I turned it off, then back on it asked the select language again on start up. When switching between HDMIs it made a strange electrical arching sound as well, screen went black and some odd colour bands appeared , this took 10 ish seconds , no instant switching like HDMIs on other TVs or projectors I have owned.
Turned on third day , again asking for language and projection orientation menu. Yep and odd noise and delay when switching HDMI.
Day 4 I’m onto Optoma UK customer services. They said it’s a fault on the main board. Off the ceiling mount and back to my dealer. A new one will be with me early next week.
I do hope it’s just a bad one and not a reflection of the overall quality of Optoma. I had considered the JVC nz-3 laser 4k dlp.
Fingers crossed! Or it’s JVC.
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Not good to hear you've had such a bad start with the projector; hopefully the replacement is faultless. A few points: I've not used my HDMI1.4 port so haven't had to switch between HMDI 1&2 on the remote. My Amazon 4K Firestick and all other sources are plugged into the back of my AV receiver with a single 10m HDMI2.0 18Gb cable running from the amp to the projector. I have a surround set up so I'm not using a soundbar or the projector's speakers. The only issue I had on day two I think, is when the projector was switched on but wouldn't provide a picture. I pressed the menu button on the projector itself and it worked. (I had switched the projector off and unplugged it the night before and have done so since without issue). Some strange streaks on screen as it's trying to pick up the menu on 4k blu ray discs but that lasts about two seconds. No issues with other sources. And I haven't had the language and orientation menus come up since on initial set up.


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The replacement projector arrived and works perfectly! Now my mission is to find the best I can get out of it.
I’m using an Elite screens cinewhite, but do wonder if I’d get even better results with their cinegrey screen?
Out of the box the picture is a great start. I’m using an Apple TV 4K for most viewing. I dont have any 4k blu rays to try out , but do wonder if they are a match or will look better than the Apple TV?
Apple TV is so convenient though.
So many settings, so I must try go through the forums to see what settings others are using.

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Hi crown62, Advise please or from anyone with an Optoma newer model including the P2, is the rainbow effect less on these models with the newer chip, XPD I think, four x 1080 rather than the Optoma UHZ65 which has the 2 x chipset. I have a friend with a UHZ65, great picture and very sharp and quiet but see rainbows, not many but enough and wondered if this newer chipset is better. I did have the Epson TW 9400 but after several problems I need to look at an alternative. Thank you.

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