Question Pairing headset to USB dongle


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Hi folks,

Quick question. Is it possible to pair my Beats Studio 3 (Bluetooth) to the Bluetooth receiver of my Logitech keyboard/mouse combo?

My PC doesn’t have an embedded Bluetooth chipset and whilst I know a USB Bluetooth dongle can be purchased for as little as £6, i thought I’d ask the above question first.


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Are you sure it's Bluetooth? Most wireless keyboards and mice don't use Bluetooth, and those that do are not normally bundled with dongles.

If it is then it should work, although I'm guessing it's fairly old - from when Bluetooth was new and uncommon - so I'm not sure if there'll be any bandwidth limitations or similar.


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Just had the same thought about 10 mins. And yes - its wireless, not Bluetooth :facepalm:

Not to worry though - i'll just pick up a USB dongle and that'll do the job rightly.

Thanks for the reply - most appreciated.

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