Panasonic AG-455MP


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Hi everyone,

It's the first time I post on this forum and I don't have a great knowledge in camera.

I got an old S-VHS camera (Panasonic AG-455MP).

However, I don't have a cable to plug the camera into the wall.
I have a battery but I don't know how to recharge it. There was no charger...

I would like help on how to find a battery charger. The battery model is AG-BP20P.
or how it works. etc. I tried to do my research, but I'm completely lost.

I would really appreciate it, thank you very much for your help,


A belated welcome to the forum Clockworker :hiya:

As we are a UK based forum (and so am I) any charger I find is likely to be 240v. However I believe the item you are looking for is Panasonic AC Adaptor AG-B6HP
Hopefully this will make it easier for you to find one locally.
I found one for you, but unfortunately they are sold out :facepalm:



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Thank you very much MarkE19 :hiya:

I'll try to find a shop and check it out!
I wish I had a charger for the battery but I guess it's discontinued.

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