Phillips Hue Garden accessories

Jamesie M

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just been filling my garden with the Lilly lights and need some more of the T brackets to connect them all.

I can’t find any to buy anywhere or if they even exist outside of the 2 supplied in each triple box. anyone know where I can get more or even generic ones?

cheers, James


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Their part number is exceedconn csa-2da and are available on US ebay at $25 a piece

Exceedconn-CSA-2DA-T-connector | eBay

I cannot find any UK retailers and they are not listed as available on exceedconn's website

They are available on Alibaba

Free Sample Ip68 T-shape 2pin 3 Way Waterproof Connector For Automotive - Buy Csa-2da Ip68 2pin 3pin 4pin Waterproof Connector,T Shape Wire Cable Connectors Terminals Crimp,Automotive Waterproof Electrical Connectors Product on Alibaba.com

$5.00 each - listed as automotive connectors!! You need to order a minimum of 10 pieces

Jamesie M

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Cheers! that’s an impressive find. I searched internet all morning and didn’t find anything.

I might just buy the 10 as I’ll need about another 3 to make 3x5 runs in the garden
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