Question Pioneer and Arcam AVR300 question.


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Hi, I’m expecting it to be a no!
But hey it’s worth asking.

If I kept hold of my Pioneer SC-LX77 with audio via ARC from a Sony TV via HDMI would it be possible to output this sound via the preouts to my Arcam AVR300 for surround duties as well as Phono stage?
My Arcam has the Tannoy 633 speakers for stereo duties but presently doesn’t have a Phono stage for vinyl and I do have a MS centre along with 3 KEF eggs for surround duties, 1 of which is a centre which could be used instead of the MS.

My Apple TV4K, Xbox One X and PS4 would goto the TV and then down to the amp for sound.

Thanks in advance. [emoji106]


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This is a thinker!

Basically, yes, you can link two AVR's together, but I am not sure that you are going about it in a way that will bring you any benefits.

What are the features that are missing / present from each AVR that you are trying to link up?


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Hi mate,

Basically the Pioneer doesn’t pass through HDR due to not having HDCP2.2 which the TV does (originally why I upgraded and was selling the Pioneer but offers are lower than I’d like) however it does have ARC so can accept the sound down from the TV, it also has a Phono stage which the Arcam doesn’t and I bought the Arcam for its stereo duties hence why the Tannoys are bi-amped with the Arcam. Is it possible to either add the Centre and Surround speakers to the Arcam along with a basic active sub and all the sound being transmitted to the TV down the Arc to the Pioneer then out through the preouts to the Arcam.
I see what you mean by being a Thinker lol. This all sounds feasible in my head lol. [emoji4][emoji106]


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Okay, I get you.

There are a few options of how you can set this up.

One suggestion is to connect all of the 4K devices to the TV, as you suggest so that you are sending the 4K / HDR video direct to the TV via HDMI. You can then pass the audio from the TV to the Pioneer, via ARC or optical audio out, if your TV has it. Or, you can run a second cable from the source directly to the Pioneer for audio.

The Pioneer will then be your multi channel processor, and can power the centre speaker and rear speakers, and manage the subwoofer.

Then you can feed the left and right pre-outs from the Pioneer into a spare left and right analogue input on the Arcam, and use that to power the front left and right speakers. You will have to balance the volume, and whenever using it that way need to make sure that the volume is set to where it matches that of the Pioneer, then control the master volume with the Pioneer only, leaving the Arcam volume where it is.

Then, if you want to listen to 2 channel music, you could either carry on using it that way. Or, you could turn the Pioneer off, and just use the Arcam for stereo / music purposes.


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That’s excellent chap, I was wondering if that was possible, my record deck could go to the Pioneer then when I’m listening to that just have both amps on and the Pioneer set to Phono and the Arcam providing stereo duties.
Thanks chap.

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