Answered Please advise on the best way to set-up my system.


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Hi all.

I have recent pulled out my old receiver, a Yamaha RX-V765 and purchased a pair of Dali Spektor 2 speakers to use in a stereo set-up.

I have been reading through a lot of info in the forums regarding the setting of the speakers to small or larger and which crossover frequency, however, if I'm perfectly honest, I'm having trouble getting my head round it all.

I plan to use just the two Dali's with no sub for everything and hope someone could point me to the correct settings to use.

I currently have the two speakers set to Large but am not sure this is the right setting and have no idea what to set the crossover to (the amp has defaulted this too 160Hz).

Any help would be VERY appreciated!!!


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Hi Gav, I had a read through that guide and was still a little confused.

I read it as: if I don't have a sub then the speakers would have to be set as large. However, if I added a sub then the speakers should be set to small and the bass directed to the sub. That's when I'd need to consider crossover. Is that right?

The Spektor have a range of 54-26000 according to their website so what would you suggest?

Ultimately I am looking to achieve the best sound!


If you don't have a sub then it academical. You have to have your speakers as full range, ie, large. The internal crossover the speakers will shed any audio below that crossover, the Dalis do not go very low and you would certainly benefit from a sub, especially so with a receiver as doing so and setting to small would allow the sub to do all the bass lifting and that may very well bring benefits the mid and upper register.
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