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Hello. I've not posted here before and I'm not very good with technical terms, so please bear with me! I have a problem and will be grateful for some advice.

Recently I moved out of my flat for a while, to allow it to be refurbished. On return I was horrified to find out that most things had been thrown out, including the speaker cables for my hi-fi (I've no idea why). I've now replaced the speaker cables but there's another problem.

My system is 27 years old, so things may be different now. Each of the components - CD player, turntable, cassette player - has two leads. One is connected to the amplifier and presumably conveys sound. The other lead is connected to an extension block, which in turn has a power lead to the wall socket.

The original extension block was also thrown out by the refurbishers. I have bought a new one but the power leads will not fit into it, because they have a bit of plastic sticking out next to the plug. The attached photo may explain what I mean.

I've looked at online catalogues but cannot find any extension block that would fit these plugs. What can I do about this? I'll be grateful for any any bright ideas you have.



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I'm sure I also remember those from years ago as I had them in my bedroom. It was a very compact mains extension where you had to remove the ordinary UK plugs and attach the unusual plug connection which looks like a kettle plug in reverse. This then plugged into a six way socket gang. If I'm right, all you'll need to do is use a Philips screwdriver to unscrew the plug and refit an ordinary UK plug. In fact if I remember properly, they were from Tandy

Ming The Merciless

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Thanks for your suggestions. I can't remove the leads from the CD player and other components as they're fixed, so it looks as though I'll have to remove the plugs and fit new ones.

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