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Hello all,

I recently installed Devolo 1200 dlan and have a question I'm hoping someone can answer. I have the main adapter plugged into the router and mains, then two more adapters in rooms at each end of the house. The first one has pretty good figures, 250mbps dl and 80mbps ul, while the second one is showing 150 up but only around 10 down. The rate between the two however is 260/180, which made me wonder, are they able to send data from adapter 3 > adapter 2 > main adapter rather than adapter 3 > main adapter if it means better performance?

Thanks in advance for any info.


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Basically no.

I don't know you kit, but in HomePlug systems, each plug attached to the mains sends data to whichever other adapter in needs to in order to get it towards it's destination.

It uses what's called a "common bus" paradigm - ethernet used to work this way before it started using UTP cabling and switches and Wi-Fi still does.

So when a plug needs to send data it seizes control on the mains circuit (the "Master" plug moderates which plug gets control when) then the plug just transmits. Technically every other plug "hears" the transmission as they are not directed in any way, it's just that only the intended plug does anything with the data received.

A wrinkle with HomePlugs is that they "learn" what the max. rate the intended receiver can "hear" at and the transmitter will transmit accordingly. Wi-Fi does something similar.

Under such an operating paradigm "only one plug at a time can transmit" (onto the mains circuit) so "frog hopping" from plug to plug would actually make things worse as the data has to hop over the mains multiple times and therefore take longer so get where it needs to go.

With HomePlug technology the "link rate" you see reported in the management software and the "speed" you observe if you use something like a SpeedTest web site are different. All networking technologies have something called a "protocol efficiency" which very loosely describes the difference between the two. The protocol efficiency for HomePlug is oft cited at about 45-55% (compared to Wi-Fi which is of the order of 55-75% and etherenet which is about 97%.) The difference between "link rate" and "throughput" (or "speedtest") is due to things like operating paradigm, error correction, encryption and so forth.

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