Projector setup advice / HDMI video + Wifi audio (?)


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Hello everyone,

We just moved into a new apartment, and we have decided to invest in a video projector instead of getting a TV.
I need some advice on the setup I have in mind, before I buy the wrong equipment. It might be very straight forward, but I'm not exactly really knowledgeable in the area.

What we are looking to do:
• Image source: Video projector connecting to Apple TV.
• Audio source: Video projector connecting to Onkyo amplifier - This will be across the room, and ideally we'd like to avoid having a cable running across. The amp has built-in Bluetooth and Wifi, is there a way to connect wirelessly to get the sound while getting the image from the Apple TV (via HDMI)? Do most projectors have built-in Wifi?
• We want to be able to watch during the day too, but without having to blackout natural light. Anyone can recommend a decent quality projector to project daytime? Budget is around USD 600 to 700.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks everyone!


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Projectors are designed for use in controlled lighting conditions - additionally they produce heat and require a lamp change every so often, varies between projector type/brand.

’Wireless’ video is not an easy task - especially when you go HD or UHD, Epson do have a couple of models you could consider, though they don’t seem to be available in HK.

Your budget is not realistic for a projector to be used as a daily TV.


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