Answered Quick opinions needed re heat from new amp


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Hi all...I hope this is an appropriate place to post;)
Just un-boxing my new RX-V685 and figured it could fit into my old fireplace space - Basically a box, currently housing my ps4, v6 and BR player...Could i safely have the amp there?
Clearance wise it would have about 1cm on each side and about 1 1/2 inch at back - ! I'm asking because when i first bought my original amp (YamDSPAX861SE) there was lots of talk about heat etc. Many thanks and hoping for a quick reply..or five lol


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You are likely to fry your amp (hopefully thermal trip will kick in and shut down the AVR). You need 4” either side and 6” at the top. AVRs rely on convective airflow to stay cool.


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Hi there
That'll be that then and many thanks indeed:smashin:
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