Question Real Or Fake Controller!


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Hii guys
So i want to know if this ps3 controller that im getting (used ofc) is real or fake coz its very hard to find a real one these days.
The guy claims its real. And also i only have a single pic. I got the video of the controller but cant post here if someones willing to help i can send him the video somehow. Tysm

Help me out a bit
And also this is my first time on the forums so excuse me if i posted this in the wrnong section.



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From what I can see it's a real one. The better question is. often is it a good one or not!


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Got it
Ty for the quick response. Appreciate it.
Yes i will try to make sure its in working condition atleast.

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Heres the video link btw if you can take a good look for me? It will be much appreciated. Sorry if not allowed to post links.

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