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Having 2 toddlers most of my gaming is done at night so can't have the telly on too loud which means I cant here people sneaking up on me on cod4 :mad:

Thinking of getting a good 5.1 headset preferably from the optical output on the ps3 but still want to use a mic and get the voice through the same set of speakers.

Can anyone recommend good cans for doing this job. So far have found Tritton AX 360 which I beleive you can get a usb jack converter so you can use the mic or tempted to wait for the Tritton AX Pro which has a PS3 compatible mic. Anyone know a release date for these yet?

Any other recommendations greately received...:thumbsup:


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I had a set of Medusa Progamer 5.1 V2 and they were good until they broke after 6 months (the right front channel stopped working.) They then informed me I would have to return them to the UK (I live in NZ) to repair them at my cost shipping both ways, which made it not worth my while.

The Trittons AX360's are a similar design, infact the 'chassis' is the same. The Medusa plugs directly into your 5.1 sound card whereas the Tritton's have the external decoder box (as well as an option to plug directly into your sound card.) I have been looking at these as Tritton have much better customer service and support than Medusa and the external decoder is a big advantage. The only downside is the Medusa's are USB or AC powered whereas the Tritton's are only AC.

I have emailed Tritton re the release date and price of the AXPros. They advised late July/early August (don't hold your breath) at a cost of $AU280 (105 pounds) approx. They said the AXPro's will be a new design, have easier connectivity to PS3 and a USB mic as well as slightly repositioned speakers to improve the sound stage.

Overall nothing has beaten my surround headphones for gaming. I am missing them as I have a good back up pair of Sennheiser's that are only 2 channel. The Sennheiser do have more bass and improved sound qauality although the Medusa's are not far behind. The Medusa's huge advantage was you could so easily tell which way sounds were coming from, even above and below. It was really accurate. The mic was also exceptionally clear.

I am all for surround headphones for gaming, I think those that say they are just a gimick really haven't tried a good set. The 'quality' is often not as good (hence mine did break remember) as Sennhieser or Beyerdynamic etc but then the market is smaller and they are a niche product hence the big players as mentioned above havent actively got involved... yet.

I'm waiting for the Tritton AXPro's but am still tempted by the AX360's as I really do miss surround headphones.

Hope that helps.
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