Recommendation in upgrading my Arcam AVR-350


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Hi All, new to the forum. I currently have an Arcam AVR-350 which has served me very well for the last 11yrs. I have it running a 5.1 system consisting of Dynaudio speakers and a JL Audio sub. I am currently in the market to upgrade my Arcam AVR-350. I was looking at the Arcam AVR-550. My budget is $2500-3k, so wanted to see if you had any recommendations in staying with Arcam or if I should consider anything else.

Also considering upgrading my TV in this system to an OLED (either the LG C9 or Sony AG) in case there are any handshake issues I should be aware of with these TVs.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations.


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If you are lucky there are some good deals on Arcam FMJ's. See if you can get a home demo or sale or return, try it and see how it sounds to you nothing to lose but your time. Maybe do the same with other AVR's you like the look off. You cannot beat a home demo it really is the only way to get what is right for you
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