Red light blinking denon x6400


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Hi there have the issue with my denon x6400. Yesterday when listening music in my HT. suddenly a little explosion like sound and AVR and tv turned off . I disconnected all my speakers connection. The AVR opens normally and av surround display showing but it stays only 5/6 second and Red light blink every .5 sec cycle .I’m here in Bangladesh and hard to repair by any expert technician. It’s bought as brand new from Peter Tyson 2 months used now it turns to brick. My heart has broken. Can anybody plz suggest.

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to me that looks terminal and needs a professional repair...sorry!


If you in the UK I'd say give Peter Tyson a ring immediately. Unfortunately that's not going to happen. If new you should still be covered by Denon's warranty and you should seek advice directly from them. Denon are now in the hands of Sound United and after having dealing with their customer services with a Marantz unit they did go out of their way to help me.



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fortunatly this issue has been solved by a local AV expert. now it is ok.

but there is another problem like whenever i connect banana plug to the AV terminal. im hearing humming noise also volume level up down as well as eco level.

can anybody comment on this????


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@Zulfikar what was the problem in the end with the flashing red light? I have the same issue with my 4200w. I've disconnected, trimmed retwisted the wiring then reconnected, but no luck.

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