Remote control to keep all the power on the boxes in sync


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Simple question, but one I'm finding almost impossible to search on - I want a remote control that is going to be super simple for my wife and mother-in-law to use, one that they push a button and everything works, the LG TV, the Comcast DVR, the JVC audio receiver, and the Samsung DVD.
I have an aging Logitech Harmony 300 that I love, but, you must push the one button to power everything on AND continue to aim the IR remote until all the components are active. I know, simple, right? Apparently, not so for some people. If the remote in not held long enough, one of the components invariably doesn't come on, then the whole system is out of sync and no matter how many times the main power button is hit, they're just out of luck. I'm a little frustrated in getting that call at work that says, "The TV's not working." "OK", I say, "do you have a red light on the TV?" "No", I'm told. "Do you have a blue light on the cable box?" "No", is the reply. I answer by telling them to push the "Cable" button on the remote and then the SMALL power button. "I don't see it." Me, "arrrrggggghhhhh!"
Please help me find a new remote that absolutely simplifies what used to be a simple task of turning the TV on, please help me to regain my sanity.

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