Replacing Denon 2300...


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Hi all,

So my 2 year old (ish) Denon 2300 has had numerous problems since I purchased it and RS have kindly offered to do one of the following:

- Swap it with a 2600 for £75 (current year version of my model, basically identical)
- Swap it with a 3600 for £300 (current price £899) (slight upgrade)

I could also ask them to swap it (presumably) with a 4500 for a similar price (as that's also £999)

I could also just ask for a refund and wait until the current gen prices drop (e.g. the 3500 was as low as £400 a few months ago, so presumably that'll happen again next spring with the 3600) but I'm not sure I fancy waiting that long...

Any thoughts / suggestions? I was basically happy with the 2300 apart from its unreliability so don't really need to upgrade, although more toys are always good!


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If your 2300 offered you everything that you wanted and it fitted your present and future needs take the 2600 at £75 upgrade. If you think that you want more or better Audyssey then consider the 3600 for £300 both are cracking deals and props to RS for honouring this.


As @mushii :hiya: has pointed out the 2600 would, apart from a few more improvements, offer you a like for like replacement as far as audio quality goes. The 3600 is going to give you a more future proof unit a in as much that you would have the ability to add more speakers and external power if you so wish. More powerful and with better components the 3600 also comes for a higher tier of calibration in Audyssey XT32. Phil Hilton has just reviewed the 3600 on the Forum and seems suitably impressed.

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