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Thanks Cas, will watch out for this.


I watched this a week ago and found it to be a total boring movie.....
I was excited for it because Clint Eastwood usually makes interesting films but this is not one of them alas.
liked The Mule way better and even Sully was better done (even though i did not think much of that one either).

Would not give it more than a 2 out of 10.


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Watched it last night and thoroughly enjoyed it, sobering to watch the authorities wanting to railroad this simple man.
a very good film.


Slow burner for sure.
Hauser is excellent in the role and conveys well a tortoise like soul, with a subdued determinism to win the race when pushed over his perceived rules of correctness. His physicality surely helped here big time, though.
The only real gripe I had, was the lack of public verbal assaults which he must have endured every time he went out but it's pretty much just the press in Eastwood's sights. Yet, for example, there he is in a diner with his lawyer etc. and no one bats an eyelid. It's a significant scene and I can only imagine Clint opted to not have it interrupted but
I couldn't help but think, as the FBI weren't likely to make a press conference out of it, surely the general public would still think he was a bomber or, have the no smoke without fire pitchfork attitude. I guess the press didn't dine there either!
Of course, the biggest irony in all this is cops with donuts/pastries....Step away from the confectionery..!


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Really excited to see this, before I read the AV Review I wasn't that arsed to be honest... I'll be checking this out now though, for sure.


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Not showing at my local Cineworld, darn shame.
Guess your local is one of the smaller multiplexes, as this appears to be showing at all those in my neck of the woods with 10+ screens...



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Thought this film was excellent, one of the best films I've seen in a while. Paul Walter Hauser was very believable in the role as the title character. Also absolutely of the moment given how the devious nature of how the media operates seems to be unravelling before our very eyes. 9/10 for me.


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Nice review @ Casimir Harlow

We watched this today.
Me and my misses both thought it was a great film.
Not the kind of film we would ever watch again but it kept us hooked right up to the end.


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Seen it tonight with my wife and we both really enjoyed it. Very one paced but that was good I think. Good acting by all the cast, especially the lead who did a really good job playing Richard. A sad story really in terms of the impact on him and his Mum.


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