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I currently have 4g broadband using Vodafone. I have a Teltonika RUT240 modem, set to bridge mode.

I then have 2 Google WiFi pucks for the mesh setup (these aren't the current Nest models)

The issue I have and I'm sure its a google thing, is that if a device starts to stream, for example the TV streaming Netflix, it Max's out my connection, meaning if I want to use the Web to game, or stream, I suffer. The only option on the Google app, is to set a certain device as "priority", but in reality, this does nothing and the other device hogs the bandwidth.

What can I swap the Google pucks for? I need good control over the network, as we have 4 kids and I set schedules up for them.
The WiFi needs to be good, currently even with 2 pucks, I can't get WiFi at the rear most of the house (only a 3 bed semi)

Would like another Mesh system if possible, but a decent router would also be looked at


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To achieve greater Wi-Fi coverage, you'll almost certainly need to deploy more Access Points (or "discs" or "pucks" or "Mesh nodes" or "repeaters" or any other name the marketing team have given them.) Wi-Fi transmit power is limited by law and most kit is, and always has been, at or very close to the permitted max. There's no magic "uber-router" out there with "much better signal" than everyone else's - though there are a a few tricks they can employ with the "right" mix of clients to eek it out a bit (such as "beamforming" - but that is only widely implemented in AC kit - and even then not all of it.)

There are certainly devices that try to "meter" ISP bandwidth and the best place to effect that is in the router that connects to the ISP, so you're on the right track there (albeit that I cannot recommend any particular device, simply because I don't see enough of them to offer a judgement.) However, even on some of the best enterprise class kit bandwidth metering is a bit "fickle;" it works "kind of" but it's hard to do, especially on a link where you've only got control of "one end" of it.

My favourite site for reviews of SOHO kit is in the US and called SmallNetBuilder, though I don't know if he's looked at any 3/4/5G stuff - but it's worth checking him out.


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With the WiFi coverage, I can just move one of the pucks to the rear of the house, as at the moment, they are both at the front, just 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs.

My main requirement is a decent bandwidth limiter, or a better way of managing the devices. We only have 16-20 Meg 4g broadband, so it's not great and when 1 person uses it to watch Netflix, it max's out the line and the other devices struggle.


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So you need bandwidth management tools in that case.

I cannot help much, but I do have the facilities you need in my Draytek 2862 router. It has a smart bandwidth function that attempts to deal with the behaviour you mention rather than just setting a max upload/download limit per device/IP address. This is meant to allow one device to use full bandwidth when nothing else requires it, but can then share the bandwidth rather than one connection keeping all the bandwidth to itself. Unfortunately I don’t know of any other routers that have that functionality as I’ve only used Draytek routers for many years now.

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