Seeming incompatibility between Humax Freesat box and new Panasonic TV


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Hi, I’m a total newbie here. I’m 70, so bear with me please. Any one answering please assume I am a 10 year old when trying to explain?
We can only access TV here by Satellite. I’m being driven nuts by the inability to link my Humax HDR-1100S Freesat box to a brand new Panasonic GX700. Despite using any of the available codes I can’t seem to synchronise the Humax handset to the TV. One or two of the codes work, but when changing channels the sound levels can vary enormously from inaudible to deafening., leading to a scramble for both handsets to make adjustments. Also, there is a lip synching problem which appears after a while and gets progressively worse. My dish aerial cable is fed into input 2. When introduced into input 1, the weak signal message appears on screen. I do not have at present a parallel cable to use the Humax box to its full advantage as I know I should.
I also have another Humax/Panasonic set-up in a different room which works perfectly off a different dish. It’s a 500GB one and there are no compatibility problems. The TV is a 2016 TX-50CX70 OB.
I swapped the Humax boxes over, and still no joy.
I then moved the new TV to the other room and connected it to the 500 GB box with both aerials connected from the different dish.
Still no joy.
I’m tearing what little hair I’ve got left out . Anybody help me please, in simple terms?
Thank you.


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OK, Firstly the sound level problem. HD and SD channels use a different type of sound encoding and in the case of HD are encoded with the picture. I will assume that you are using the TV sound and not a amp for sound. I would suggest you change the Humax sound settings.
Home >Settings > Pictures and Sound > Digital Audio out >
Change Multi-Channel to Stereo.
This will decode the HD channel sound and all sound levels will be the same.

When the Humax was setup it noted how many cables were connected and it made a internal connection or not depending on the result. This will remain until a freesat tune (or reset) when it will be again tested. I suspect that the F-connector (the think you screw into the Humax) is loose or poorly fitted on the cable. It is necessary that the corrector makes a good low voltage electrical connection to control the LNB - Make sure the outer braid/foil does not touch the inner core. The connector should be a tight fit on the cable. You are correct that two cables will enable the box to operate in the most flexible way.

Remote: after altering the sound settings go back to the code that work.

Lip Sync: I am surprised by this. Is this on live TV or recordings or Both. Does the TV have any settings for this.

Quite a few of the posters responding to posts are older than you, It is more a question of how technical your background is or was.


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Thank you. I will try all you suggest. I have reset the box to factory default, and will double check the cable terminal
Lip synch on live TV n ot on recordings. I have seen lip synch setting on a menu in audio. It was set at zero (default) . I I am grateful for your input.

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