Question Set up with YPAO rxv585


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I’m trying to configure the speaker levels etc with YPAO but the resulting sound is a little flat, I’ve added in pictures of the settings etc but any suggestions, the bass is there but a little light ( I don’t want it bashing and crashing) . The dialogue also sounds a little tinny.
should add that the speakers are tannoy tfx 5.1, they were bused with my previous system rxv379 and sounded great..



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Nothing appears to be wrong or untoward as far as the levels and settings go.

Ensure that you set the crossovers higher than 120Hz for the TX speakers.

Have you tried select the different PEQ corves to see if any of them are more appealing? Most people select either the Natural or the Flat options?

Failing this, listen to the setup with the PEQ bypassed to see if this makes a difference?


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Thanks, I’ll change the crossover to 120hz and see how it’s goes, also I wasn’t aware of the different PEQ curves, I’ve looked in the menus and I can’t see any set options like natural or flat, it’s PEQ/off or GEQ with each line on the equaliser adjustable but no other options.

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