Smart TV cannot download browser update


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I have a 2013 model LED TV LG 55LA7400.

When this smart TV can goes to Internet mode, it loads its Google browser by default.

I can then search and watch any free (not paid ) internet content, including You Tube.

Some months ago I was warned to update the browser so as to avoid losing full functionality.

Please note that I am not referring to the TV’s own Software Update which has been checked and is the latest.

Now, when I try to download the browser update so as to install it , I get the message: “Downloads not supported” .

At the moment I can still watch internet content but not YouTube content which shows greyed out pages.

I think this is due to the outdated google browser, but how can this be updated?

I would be grateful for any advice on the subject,

Thank you.


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The browser cannot be updated by that method.

The browser is only updated via firmware updates to the TV and its operating system which of course being a 2013 TV is no longer supported.

Think of the TV like a kiosk device, it is not like a PC OS were you can free update/remove software at all.

If you get your hands on a Chromecast device for the TV you can easily push Youtube videos to it that way and if you also get Airparrot for a PC/laptop it can mirror the desktop via the chromecast so you get the full PC browser on the TV.


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Much obliged to you my good Sir for the detailed explanation .. I did find a workaround for what it's worth .. my 3 yo is crazy for Peppa Pig clips and that's why we were watching You Tube .. however by simply using Bing > Videos she can again watch them. Kind Regards ..

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