Sony 870 on its way out - any recommendations for a replacement?


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My Sony 870 seems to be going mad lately so I think it might be time to be ready with a suitable replacement.

I know it is considered old fashioned to want to record to HDD as well as DVD, but I like the flexibility of having discs and keeping my hard drive clear (well kind of!).

I know the market has shrunk so does anyone know of a good replacement that might give me all the functionality that my Sony 870 has given me?

Many thanks for any advice.


Since the advent of the move to HD television, single tuner DVD recorders are now a rarity.

Twin HD tuners are now the thing which record to Bluray or DVD ( ...which has required a change in approach to recording - read about it here) Only Panasonic make these.

The current model is the DMR-BWT740

Regarding your ageing 870, the problems you have may indeed be due to component fatigue... but just in case it is due to accumulated corruption, disconnect it from the mains for a little while to clear it out.

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