Sony BRAVIA TVs first to show IMAX Enhanced content in Europe


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The question people should be asking is how is this the case if no Sony TV supports HDR10+?

IMAX and DTS haven't released a great deal of technical information yet, but what we do know is that IMAX Enhanced content is intended to deliver an optimal 4K and HDR experience on screen sizes of 65 inches and larger at launch. It will definitely support the industry standard HDR10 base layer, along with HDR10+, and possibly other types of HDR dynamic metadata as well.
What is IMAX Enhanced?

Although technically possible to have IMAX Enhanced video content use Dolby Vision, no such content exists and IMAX do appear to be staying with HDR10+ as far as dynamic HDR is concerned. IMAX (and DTS) appear to have firmly placed their feet within the HDR10+ camp as opposed to adopting Dolby Vision. I'm guessing that this has a lot to do with DTS's involvement and why would DTS endorse anything their main competitor is involved with?

How can devices not able to handle or use HDR10+ be certifiesd as being IMAX Enhanced if not fully compliant with what IMAX themselves endorse? The same goes for the increasing number of AV receivers that are appearing stating that they too are IMAX Ehhanced certified or compliant. None of them support HDR10+.
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I wish manufacturers would just embrace that standards that already exist, and stop trying to invent new ones. We don't need IMAX Enhanced anything.

If it's not 15/70mm 1.43 Aspect Ratio, then its *not* IMAX.


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I've been getting 4K movies from Itunes, many available and clearly marked as Dolby Vision and Atmos. I thought I would try Rakuten. Apparently they support DV and Atmos on LG TVs. But still there's hardly any films in DV and it only supports the LG app.

This sounds like the same thing. Another "partnership" between supplier and content provider aimed only at sales and bringing us nothing. Forums and news sites are great but dont push back enough at press release information.


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IMAX-Enhanced my a***. Don't fall for it. They are scrubbing the grain out of film in the name of clean look.

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