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Awesome review again! Hated this movie...


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When I first saw this at the cinema, 45m in I was quite excited, thinking - finally ... a proper Bond movie, spy on a mission, injection of humour/one-liners into the stunts, car -chase, henchman. Then from the moment the big villain reveal about half-way though it just fell off the cliff-edge and kept going, devolving into utter contrived drivel.


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Thanks for the Review, Cas.
Really like Waltz normally, so was extremely disappointed with this when I watched it. Won't be bothering with this one, one view was enough


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The opening scene in Spectre is one of the best for me....the LFE is just immense!


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Thanks Cas,great review!
Your superior knowledge has helped me reassess where I go with these: probably 3x singles (if that happens), forget this one!:smashin:


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I remember feeling quite deflated when I left the cinema after watching this. Bond films are (and perhaps this is perceived as silly) very important for me, they've been integral to my movie watching since I was 5 years old, and I felt a bit let down. It just felt like it tried to be a greatest hits album of a film, and Waltz just didn't turn up.

The only thing I can compare his performance was to was seeing JK Simmons in Whiplash, and then in the last Terminator. I hoped for an Inglorious style, nasty, cutting villain, and he was all panto, in his deck shoes, playing the angry adopted brother.

Plot wise, having the whole lot (including No Time To Die, in a small way -hopefully-) as an ongoing story arc, was tedious and tried to be too clever. The magic of previous Bonds was that each was a standalone, and there might have been recurring themes, but there wasn't the insistence of one being a sequel to the last.

The disc itself, I'll probably pickup the set, for completeness, and then binge watch the whole lot and convince myself that everything after Casino Royale wasn't really that bad :rotfl:.

A firm but fair review, Cas :thumbsup:


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I remember feeling quite deflated when I left the cinema after watching this. Bond films are (and perhaps this is perceived as silly) very important for me,
Me too. Bond has always had an unquantifiable magic for me. The last ten years has been very disappointing.


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Waltz in this (awful really) is my mind is basically Inspector Dreyfuss from Closeau - particularly the one where he goes really mad in a castle


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Spectre has the best video quality of all the 4. Skyfall actually looks softer than the BD version.


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Thank you Cas for your great reviews of these discs. Glad to finally read a reviewer who is so damning in their criticism of these last two bond films. While they are both incredible to look at, the stories for both were too convoluted and contrived to give the films the solidity and substance needed to match, or even get close to, Casino Royale. I was so disappointed by both at the time and am so hoping they put things right for Craig’s final chapter next year.

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Hello everyone.

I recently purchased the Spectre UHD Blu-ray. My TV is a TCL 75P8MR (Australian model); my UHD Blu-ray player is an LG UBK90. Both are Dolby Vision equipped.

On playback of the Spectre disc, I observed a worrying aberration that is most-evident in the scene in which Bond infiltrates the S.P.E.C.T.R.E. 'general meeting'.

In some - but not all - shots, a distinct linear reduction in brightness occurs at the end of the shot (perhaps over as much as six frames). The succeeding shot appears 'normal'. As I said, the variance in video levels does not occur at the end of every shot but on enough of them to warrant the application of the word 'regular'.

This oddity does not occur on any of my other 'dark vision' discs (e.g. Alien, The Dark Knight).

As there is no mention of my issue anywhere else, I am presuming it is a consequence of my TV.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

I am new to UHD Blu-ray, HDR/Dolby Vision, so forgive me if I have not provided sufficient info or haven't used the correct lingo.
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Thanks for the review.

Like most I was gutted with this film especially after the sublime Skyfall. An easy pass for me but great review

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