Stateless (Netflix) TV Show Review & Comments


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Thanks for the review Kumari,
Your view on this got me intrigued enought to watch, I agree it is very intense, but I do like the subject matter, something that doesn't make headlines in the UK.

After watching 2 episodes, will be seeing this through.

second Aussie based series to catch the eye after seeing The secrets she keeps on the beeb, though not quite as involving as this still worth the watch.

Really thought your take on this illuminates the series.


Toon Army

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Watched the trailer and will wait to see other reviews before adding to our Netflix list as we have quite a few lined up at the moment.


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Thanks for the review, this has definitely got my attention, will watch soon.


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@Kumari Tilakawardane , thanks for the review.

Watching it now, just on the second episode.
Half way through the first episode I was think where the fudge is this going but I kept watching and now I really want to see how it unfolds.

@Gordon2147 , totally agree with what you said " I agree it is very intense, but I do like the subject matter, something that doesn't make headlines in the UK"


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Very good show in the realities of detention centers in which it holds folks from around the globe.....

Blue Zee

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Just finished it.
Worth every second spent and I can only highly recommend it.
No doubt it's 9/10.


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Watched the first episode last night, hooked already. I needed a quality series fix after watching a couple of stinkers on Netflix recently in The Sinner S3 and Warrior Nun.


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Just finished this, excellent drama.
While the trailer follows Sofie (Yvonne Strahovski) who is superb, it was Ameers story that ripped my heart out. In fact it’s a balanced screenplay, from the guards to the upper management, everyone is suffering.
Based on true events, my god how lucky we all are in life...heartbreaking


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I might have to watch this after You. I'm surprised that's it's not got many comments.

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