Question Subwoofer suggestions for Q Acoustics 2010i speakers


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I’m looking for a subwoofer to add to my home cinema, I have 4x 2010i Q acoustics bookshelf speakers and a 2000ci center speaker. My amp is a Marantz NR1602 and my room is 3.8mx3.8m in size and 2.7m high.

It’s for home cinema use only and I have a budget of up to £500, any suggestions to short list would be appreciated, thanks.


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I'm not an expert on subs, but i do have the older version of your speakers. I have the 4x 1010i Q acoustics bookshelf speakers and a 1000ci center speaker with a Denon AVR-X2500H. I recently had to buy a new sub to replace Q Acoustic sub which had failed. A lot of people on here recommend BK Electronics & with your budget you can afford one of the top of the range subs. The only thing that may stop you buying one is the physical size.
I bought the BK XLS200DF from them and am very happy with it.
I bought it from their Ebay shop (cheaper) which say they are graded but was BNIB as stated by most people on here who have bought it this way.

BK Electronics
Ebay They don't have anything for sale at the mo, but that could be due to them being closed over the christmas

Hopefully some of the sub guru's can give you better advise.
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