Question Suitable analogue interconnects for Oppo 203 / Yamaha RX A-3010


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My music comprises a mixture of ripped CDs and vinyl recorded to a Denon DTR2000 DAT player in 1992 using a Townsend Rock / Excalibur / ATF5 combo subsequently processed on a computer to generate FLAC files with full metadata. All output is stored on a external USB drive plugged into my Oppo 203. Speakers are B&W CM4s in a carpeted lounge.

Until yesterday I listened to the music via the HDMI-Audio lead from the Oppo to the Yamaha. I decided to try the analogue outputs instead curious if the Oppo DAC was better than the Yamaha’s. I dug out a pair of decent AudioQuest interconnects I’d had for 30 years.

I couldn’t detect any real difference doing an A-B comparison by switching sources on the Yamaha but something unusual happened. I found myself listening to music for hours which is not usual. I was wondering if the analogue signal had made the music more ‘musical’. Might sound daft but I can’t think how else to describe it. I really enjoyed listening to a wide range of music I hadn’t done in years.

To get to the point... the cables I used were barely long enough so I really need replacement ones. I rang my local branch of Richer Sounds this morning to see what they recommended. I was expecting them to suggest the Chord C-Line for £50. But they said with my kit I should get the Shawline instead. Those are £200.

I’d be interested to hear your views on whether the Shawline are worth the extra. Having been into hi-fi since the 70s I’m aware you can pay an awful lot for esoteric cables for very little gain and of course you have the law of diminishing returns to consider.

One final point. I always listen to music with the Yamaha in Pure Direct mode to keep the signal path as clean as possible.


If you don't want, or really need, to spend a fortune on interconnects then I'll recommend the QED Performance Graphite, the 1m interconnect start at £24.95, I'm using a 2m length between my Denon AVR and Rega Elicit-R. I also blagged Chord Clearway interconnects, £90, when buying the Rega and as an experiment tried swopping them around and in a limited session could not tell the difference. I also bought a Performance 3m extension for my headphones as I liked the quality of the plugs on the QEDs which is perhaps the most important part.



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Thanks @gibbsy . This is such a difficult area as it’s more or less entirely subjective. I can afford to spend more and given I haven’t invested much in the music side of things I’m not adverse to spending the money if the cables improve my system.

Given the quality of your kit it suggests I could buy the QEDs and not be disappointed. The only thing I can’t determine is the quality of my AudioQuest cables which would have been used between an Audiolab 8000C/P pre-power around 1990. That is the British built one of course.


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I’m thinking a demo in RS is probably needed. If I can hear a difference with more expensive cables enough to justify the price then that is perhaps better than buying blind.

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