swapping nas hd


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I have a buffalo linkstation 1tb nas linkstation with all my movie files on it, I have now bought a netgear stora my question is can i remove the buffalo hard drive and install it in the stora, as its a different make.


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Since both boxes are made by different manufacturers, one feels the chance is very high that the disc controllers will be different, the Operating Systems different and possibly the format that both use to write to the discs will be different.

If you're looking to transfer your data, I just wouldn't bother taking the chance. Instead, I'd hook both and a PC up to a (wired) LAN, set something up to copy between them (on a Windows box ROBOCOPY would be my favoured tool,) kick off a copy between the two and leave it to get on with it. Check on progress every hour or two and before you know it, it'll be done (and you'll still have a copy in the source device in case it goes wrong.)

If you transfer the hardware, you may find the target doesn't recognise it and could possibly reformat or otherwise "damage" the file structure rendering it unreadable in the source device too. For the sake of a few hours of data copying, I wouldn't take the chance.

If you're really lucky one or other of your devices might let you "mount" the other device and copy direct from it negating the need to copy via and intervening device (such as a PC) which should speed things up a bit.

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