t DACs are better In Audio and Video?? The Marantz dv9600 or the Rotel 1060??????????



Hi Everyone,
I am New on this Forum!!! Glad to join.
Please help!!!!!
Which DACs are better for Audio such as DVD-A and SACD and Redbook, CD ,and VIDEO DAC for the below players:

1) Marantz DV-9600
2) Rotel RDV-1060
3) Rotel RDV-1092

Please I need to know which is better for Video of these 3 players and compare their DACs ,and to also compare the Audio DACs of these 3 players??

So please Audio DACs and Video DACs in this comparison?? sorry it is a two part question.

I would deeply value your prompt response as I have just placed the order for the Marantz 9600 and will get rid of my Rotel 1060 pronto!!
So what do you think guys!!!!! Wrong decision!!! For Quality of Video and Audio ?? The only advantage in Marantz as I see it, is the SACD that I gain.

Therefore how does the Video and Audio comapre of these 2 players????????
Which Video and Audio DACs are better???????????
Also is the Audio Jitter of the Marantz Dv 9600 that bad??? What is jitter???

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