Ted Lasso (Apple TV, Jason Sudeikis)


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Four episodes up already and new ones drop on Fridays. And it's just been renewed for season 2.

I've been really enjoying this, despite knowing next to nothing about football.


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Up to episode 5 now - has been excellent all the way along. It's one of those heartwarming shows that's a bit of a joy to watch.

If you have Apple TV+, this is highly recommended.


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Only watched 1 thought it was rubbish. Full of very old British/US jokes.
Jokes about Tea, every word that we say different, every cliche about an American coming to manage an English football team you could think of.
Poor character's.

Weve been spoilt over the last few years with really great, intelligent comedies. This isnt one.
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This has been one of my favourite shows this year and hope they make a series 2, loved every episode, maybe i'm easily pleased but solid 9/10 for me


Yeah I watched all of this. Funny, sweet and really well acted across the board with some fantastic one liners (The captain reading 'A Wrinkle in Time' to his niece had me in stitches) and great characters.

Can't recommend it enough.


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I also thought this was great. Reasonably funny in places with decent characters with an underlying heart.

Looking forward to season 2 already.


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Saving episode 10 for the mo - but up til now this has easily been one of the shows of the year. Excellent all round, from the actors to the script - just wonderful. Very pleased it's coming back.


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I struggled through the first episode tbh, but stuck with it after a mate's recommendation and glad I did, as pretty much from episode 2 onwards my wife and I were hooked and really enjoyed it. The character development is really nice, just a lovely show.


Watched the first 5 and it's OK. It tries a bit too hard to be what it is, namely a feel good dramedy.
I'm not a football fan but even I thought it needs more on pitch action to get behind the team and characters. and, when it did, it felt to gel more.
I'll stick with it for the simplicity of liking the female leads, Sudekis and a couple of the player characters - oh and, we could all do with a bit positivity of late, well, not that positivity!
The image quality is nice and popping too.


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Just finished this. Loved it.

Was expecting it to be rubbish, just from the premise, nearly didn’t bother with it, glad i did. Glad it’s been renewed, bring in Season 2.

Apple TV+ may not have loads of content, but what they lack in quantity they certainly make up for in quality.

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