The King of Staten Island Movie Review & Comments

Tom Davies

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Not heard of this Pete Davidson before he sounds like an interesting character so will give this one a bash cheers.
After a brief discussion with friends today I have realised that I might be in the minority of people in the UK who know much about him.

He is an interesting guy. He's also a very hard guy to like sometimes. He's got kind of an obnoxious public presence but that's in large part due to the fact that the US gossip magazines and websites have attached themselves to his every movement. You know, because he's 'crazy' so he makes good headlines.
He once tried to enforce an audience NDA on his shows so no one would leak his material (material which turned out to be kind of rubbish anyway). By entering the show you were agreeing not to discuss it outside the venue. Obviously legally dubious and totally unenforceable.

The fact that the movie does a good job of humanising him while still holding him to account is it's greatest strength.


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Judd 'more is less' Apatow. He wrote for The Larry Sanders Show so I'll always have to respect him, but he's a very frustrating director...


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I really enjoyed this and was surprised how well it blended humour with some quite serious topics.

Certainly the best Ive seen from Judd Apatow in a long time.

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