The Prestige, Prison Break, Breaking Bad, inspiration needed for a real life wedding anniversary plan


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This is a long shot, I've always loved film and stories, some of my favourites are The Prestige, breaking bad, prison break, Mr Robot, Saw, Now you See me, to name a few.

You know that feeling you get when so much planning and detail has been put into a story? Or a plot trist happens but the clues have been in the film the whole time?

Ok well this story is about me, and my wedding anniversary. In 2011, the day before i got married, i gave my wife a locked tin box with a letter. She was instructed to hold onto the letter until our 10th anniversary.

She'll get the key to the box on our tenth anniversary. Which is 2021.

The letter she was given, in UV ink, has a 4 digit code written on it. In the locked box is a dvd i made before our wedding, a snapshot in time of how we were back then etc if you will. Locked in time, and various sentimental items. Also a UV torch to see the code.

Ok so i had alot of imagination but never actually got to a plan for what the code is for. I imagined a mysterious safe that she'll recieve, and she needs to code to get into the safe, but i dont know what to put into the safe, i have a budget of £1000. But a piece of jewellery feels like an anticlimax, like it should be more than that.

We have kids so a secret escape would be too hard. I basically need a grand idea which embeds the requirement for a code. I liked the film The Game but it would be hard to replicate the idea in the real world. Although i have considered hiring actors for this grand plan, i just dont know in what capacity.

Basically this plan is as much about story telling than it is a wedding gift plan.

Any ideas how to complete this story?

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