The Third Day (HBO/Sky) TV Show Review & Comments


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I watched the first episode of this last night and thought it was thoroughly excellent. Looking forward to more.


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I thought I was the only who watched it...very atmospheric & eery!
wish I could binge it


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Thanks Kumari, think this is one I will have a look at. Had heard about it a while back but forgotten all about it until your review.


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Thanks for the review I must admit I nearly turned off after the first 5mins, but I didn't. I will give it a few more episodes.

I must admit all the way through I could not stop thinking of 70's version of the film The Wicker Man


I enjoyed the first episode but, as mentioned above, it seems to be clearly set in trodden territory and will need some invention, or at the very least, sustained quality, to keep me hooked.
Paddy Considine is great as the matter-of-fact landlord and Jude Law is engaging in the lead.
So, let's get twisty...


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They should have put this on as a boxset to binge as the first episode felt like a taster. I think I'll leave the rest until it has finished and watch them close together.

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