Answered The Ultimate Battle : Stereo Performance of AVRs ?


Hey guys,

How about an ultimate test of "The Stereo Performance of AVRs?"
Same segment, same ranked AVRs fight on the best stereo reproduction ?

A bloodbath of the giants... :eek:
Yamaha vs. Denon vs. Marantz vs. Pioneer vs. Onkyo on the same stereo floor-standers setup !
That will be a hell of a review and a definite youtube hit for sure :thumbsup:


Will cause more controversy than Brexit.


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Given the number and wide variance in cost of AVRs you may want to define the specification for the test. To be relevant it should ideally be a double blind test to reduce cognitive bias. That said it would be a mammoth task to organise and undertake.

For example I would also disagree on using floorstanders but would lean towards something far more neutral such as Harbeth M30.1’s as they have no particular affinity to being paired with a particular brand. Finally the test should include at least 3 different kinds of tracks, including vocal heavy (soul or R&B), instrument heavy (some form of rock) and at least one classical piece, none being of the listeners choice.


All opinions, recommendations are welcomed...
It's time to make this ultimate test and see who is the "Stereo King" of AVRs ?
Of course the idea, methods can be improved.
but the thing I'm sure of is; only AVForums can organize & succeed such a BIG review.
- Yeah, it will be a bloodbath :eek::cool:


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You will need more than one set of speakers as the sound will vary with how the amplification deals with speaker load.

What price range of AVRs are we on about, as this also makes a significant difference.

Double blind testing, absolutely

Wide selection of users to audition is also required.

Cost & time, way beyond what most mags and forums could afford, but if you are prepared to donate the cost I am sure something could be done.

One thing I will say though is that out of all the AVR’s mentioned, there will be a 99% probability that it will come down to Anthem, Arcam or NAD in the end.



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What is the point of this thread as it will go nowhere :facepalm:


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What about Jazz :thumbsup: - joke!? Also problem is all people have different tastes, and one setup that’s an accurate music representation (studio/ monitor perfect type setup) and very analytical may sound great and clear on an A / B quick test, but may be quite fatiguing on a longer term listen over say an hour or so... In that instance a less accurate / analytical setup with more character, say timing and pace may be better to listen to longer term to get your toes tapping and retain interest, think sitting up late getting out all your old music out for the hell of it type of interesting... Then there’s bass, some people may think it’s not a proper music system if your windows and doors aren’t shaking, not me....


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^ @mushii might as well predict the lottery numbers at the same time then

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