Trying to mount a smart garage door with an ajax relay


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I have seen on Ajax website that a relay can be used to do several stuff including to open/close a garage door
At the moment I am about to reinstall a new garage door, still searching for information.
The problem is that no one knows any information about it.
From several gate installers no one knows about Ajax and from the store who sold me the Ajax system they have no indication about the compatibility between the relay and ano door engines to be used with the system.

My questions are:
1 - Any compatible garage motor to use with the relay?
2 - Any video or tutorial to follow?
3 - Any of you implemented something related?
4 - My main problem is how to connect the garage motor to teu relay.

Thank you


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My garage door has 3 terminals specifically for integrating with external system or adding a separate switch to control it
There's a common 12v terminal and and an Up and a down terminal.

Reading the Ajax product details you'd need 2 of their relays for full control or just a single relay if you simply wanted to add automatic closing to the door when arming the alarm.

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