Trying without Ambilight


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I've had Ambilight with Philips' tvs for nearly a decade now.

I'm keen to get a new TV, probably a different brand, but of course it wouldn't have Ambilight.

To help me prepare for this step, I switched my Ambilight off, and it has been like that for the past week now.

The result, my eyeballs are aching!

I've now switched the Ambilight back on to see if it alleviates my aching eyes.
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I think I'm a Philips lifer now (or however long they last) due to Ambilight. The alternative is the buy the Sync box etc:


Andrew Harland

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I've just ordered a PUS6814. I've been desperate to try ambilight for ages haha. I'm hoping I like it half as much as I think I will.


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Yes, Ambilight and picture processing are the main reasons for buying a Philips tv. Especially for night time viewing, Ambilight makes most tvs without it look boring and also enhances contrast perception. They are quite sexy looking sets too. However, I do wish they had not scrapped the Ambilux/Afterglow project, which was basically Ambilight on acid. I guess having mini led projectors behing the tv proved to be too expensive!
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