Question *UPDATE* Denon AVR-X2200W max display name length 5 char?

Jamie G

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Neither Google or searching the amp & receivers thread has helped me answer this, so hopefully on of you knowledgeable folk can.

I have a Denon AVR-X2200W and over time have renamed the hdmi inputs as I've added more kit. I bought an Nvidia Shield the other day (amazing little box btw!) so naturally changed the input name accordingly. I assumed 'Nvidia Shield' would be too long, so just entered 'Shield'. Thing is, regardless of which sound format is displayed, all I get on the screen is 'Shiel'

Does that mean the input length is only 5 characters maximum and I have just never noticed?

Its weird as there seems to be a lot of empty space to the left of the input name.

Thanks in advance for your help good people!


Jamie G

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Up to 12 characters can be input.

Source Rename AVR-X2200W

You must have a bunch of blanks input... Editing via remote can be a nightmare if my Onkyo is anything to go by.
My bad! I actually visited that exact page yet for some reason did not see that part. Cheers Rodders! :thumbsup:

So there's clearly something not right. As for blanks, see now I thought that myself so made sure to select both clear and delete like a crazy person to get rid of anything hiding in plain sight. I wonder if doing this via the web interface might be better?

Jamie G

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So a quick update to this, I tried making changes via the web interface (which is admittedly far easier) and you can indeed input up to 12 characters as an input name.

Once it is shown along with the current processing format however you only see 5 of them. As far as I can tell there is no way to change this.

Can anyone confirm?

Thanks again all
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