Using 3 mobile broadband as main home ISP?

A friend stays where the fastest dsl speed he can get is around 200k/S, tried a few providers, faceplate filters, had engineers out etc but it just seems to be a bad area for dsl no one out there can get a good signal.

I tried my iphone there on 3 using personal hotspot and I was getting 4 bars of signal inside the house with a fast connection.

Are there any routers out there that you can put a 3 data sim in and that give wired as well as wifi lan connections? It must support dyndns and port forwarding and stay connected to allow remote access to the cctv, nas etc and must have at least one hardwired ethernet port.

If there aren't any routers that can take the 3 sim directly can anyone tell me what wifi routers support plugging in directly the usb 3g dongle that 3 provide with their data only sim?

Any other suggestions?

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