Question Using avr for stereo only


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I’m looking to get back into avr, but two speaker setup only. I’ve seen a couple of stereo receivers but these are a little over budget.

My question is- what will I lose, if anything, if I hook up an Xbox one and lgc9 to a Marantz 1510 with only two speakers (q 3020i) connected? Will I still get the advantage of hd sound, will the other channels be well integrated into the stereo output?


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You'll still get all the audio just means it's downmixed from multi channel to stereo. I think lfe will be mixed into mains as you'll set mains to large, sub to none.


If you still have the AVR then I suggest you still get a sub for LFE. That will remain within the 5.1 and you will get the full bass effects but all the other channels will downmix to stereo and still be HD audio.

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