Using VHS to DVD recorder as RGB scart to HDMI converter?


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Does anyone know if the old VHS to DVD recorders you can get (I've been looking at Panasonic models) with RGB Scart in and HDMI out will convert RGB Scart input to HDMI (and do it decently)?

All the info I can find about them is just talking about their output of Freeview TV, DVD, and VHS over HDMI. I don't want to purchase one and then find out the Scart input only works with the Scart output, or that it does output over HDMI but uses the composite signal instead of RGB.

I already have a couple of Scart to HDMI converter boxes, but one is composite over Scart and the other doesn't work at all. If one of these VHS & DVD combis could do the job that would be great.
What is your RGB (SCART) source - make and model and what are you hoping to achieve? I own a Panasonic VHS to DVD recorder as you describe.


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I have various games consoles that output RGB over scart, and need some way of connecting them to my new TV, which only has HDMI, component, and composite. A framemeister would be the obvious way to go, but the cost is far too high for me.

Do you have an RGB source you're able to test with? Ideally if you had something that outputs RGB over scart and can also output composite over RCA. Then you could try it via scart first, and then secondly via composite (even better if you have a composite to scart adapter so it can still be plugged into the scart socket on the DVD/VHS recorder). And see if the RGB scart signal upscaled and output over HDMI is superior to the composite signal upscaled and output over HDMI.

Of course, don't feel obliged to do any of that, only if you have the means and time to do so.


The only piece of kit I have to hand with an RGB output is the Panasonic VHS to DVD recorder so I can't try at present. As my AV equipment collection covers over 50 years (from vinyl video disc (CED [with needle stylus] and VHD) through digital HD VHS recorder (US import) to 4k bluray player) I almost certainly have something in my loft with RGB output (probably satellite receivers) but due to age (70) and associated decreased agility I am unable to get to them.

I am certain the VHS to DVD recorder will output a video signal on HDMI from an RGB input as how else would you monitor it during recording.


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Thanks very much for the info! I will see if I can get one then and will post back here with the result if I do. Although they're quite old tech (but not so old as to be valuable like vinyl video disc players!) they seem surprisingly expensive.

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