VIDEO: The Best TVs and Projectors of IFA 2018 & Comments


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Thanks for that video review Phil, i found it usefull. :smashin:


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Thanks for the video Phil, interesting to see TCL incoming, Panny talking DV tied to chipset...will they finally include it in 2019 (if there is a new chip/processor) and can’t wait to hear more thoughts on the JVC’s!


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@Phil Hinton Just one observation, Mr Hinton. It would have been nice to get a glimpse - even for as little as four seconds - of the person behind the video camera - smile please, you're on Candid Camera!

I am disappointed, but not at all surprised, at the almost total lack of detail from LG about the 88" 8K OLED.


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Panny talking DV tied to chipset
Yes, this is interesting, talking about being tied to 'chipset cycles' for DV. We know that DV can be implemented in software, because Sony have done it. OK, they've got half of the software in the UHD player, and the other half in their TV, but I guess the whole bang shoot could run in the TV if its processor had enough grunt. I would guess that, in a year or so, Panasonic will take another look at the DV take-up, and the viability of a software solution, and re-consider introducing it retrospectively - that is, if the technical possibilities take precedence over marketing ploy. Marketing might dictate that retrospective could dent new sales, and also they'd have trouble charging existing customers for a DV upgrade to cover their licensing costs.
Personally, I'm happy to live without it, as I reckon less that 2% of my total viewing will actually be DV-coded anyway, in the foreseeable future. YMMV, of course.


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I hate this time of year, now I'm interested in this Philips Oled 903 at £2500 :confused:
A tv with Bowers & Wilkins audiophile-quality sound, wow :love: it just never ends..


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Really nice video, Phil.

The production values seem to be taking a step up. New kit?


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I agree with "oxfordyankee" on the above, a really good video production with a nice slick beginning. By the way Danny Tack has an abboration (pimply thingy) on the top right of his lip, very distracting. :p Nice job guys. :smashin:


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brighter, yes! better, that's debatable.
It depends on the film, max luminescence, max-CLL, TV type and HDR limitations. I've seen even "fake" DV work for certain films nicely for TVs with sub 1000 nit HDR which makes sense if you think about what DV is supposed to do. But one film in particular film look much better on a 1000+ nit HDR with DV.


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You finally made the Panasonic guy seem almost human

I think all Av geeks love Danny from Philips but his claims did rather stretch his credibility thin...

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